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Lisa-Marie South 

Independent Midwife

Our Partnership
Whether you are attending a workshop, birthing course or having private midwifery care throughout your journey I always work in partnership with you; putting you, your baby and your family at the heart of everything. 
I am a midwife who passionately believes in informed choice. Every step of the way we will navigate the evidence together, apply that to your circumstances and YOU make the decisions. All private midwifery care is guided by your preferences and beliefs. Because we know and trust each other, I am able to instinctively respond in a way that suits you. 
If you choose a 1-2-1 antenatal class, a one off appointment or a birth debrief session, every care and attention is taken to make your investment worthwhile. All individual sessions with me are personalised and, if appropriate,I will make  referrals to the wider healthcare team either to NHS or private healthcare providers. 
Meet Lisa-Marie


I’m Lisa-Marie, an Independent Midwife in Cambridgeshire offering private midwifery care unto 60 miles from my home. Before coming a private midwife I worked in the NHS as a community midwife. I made the decision to work independently to strike a better work-life balance for my own family, and have the energy I need to offer attentive one to one midwifery care to families. 


I am an NMC registered midwife, fully insured and am member of the Royal College of Nurses, the Association of Radical Midwives, Association of Breastfeeding Mothers and the Association for Improvements to Maternity Services. 

What is an Independent Midwife?

An Independent Midwife is your midwife. Sometimes we are called a 'private midwife'. You will be cared for by me, the same midwife, throughout pregnancy, birth and until your baby is 6 weeks old. You have the same antenatal and postnatal wellbeing checks as with the NHS but these are longer, more frequent and in the comfort of your own home. They are also at a time that suits you. As a private midwife I attend your birth at home, or accompany you to hospital as a birth partner and advocate. 


Independent midwives are self-employed and have chosen to work outside the NHS. They are fully qualified, registered with a professional body and insured. 

There's always something to talk about
I always have a lot to say about birth, parenting, midwifery and everything in between. Whether it is my latest blog, social media feed, on a radio show or in an article I've written you can be assured my opinions are shaped by evidence and experience.
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