How much are the 121 antenatal classes?


£90 (plus 20p per additional mile if more than 20 miles from my home in PE7)

A 3 hour session held in the comfort of your own home covering what you want to know about labour and birth. This includes pre-course preparation, printed materials to keep and a follow-up birth plan review by email/skype.

£130 (plus 20p per additional mile if more than 20 miles from my home in PE7)

A 6 hour session held in the comfort of your own home. This includes pre-course preparation, printed materials to keep and a follow-up birth plan review by email/skype.

The benefit of choosing a 6 hour antenatal class is that we have more time to cover topics in depth and grasp some practical hands-on skills that will be useful during labour and birth, such as using the rebozo and breathing techniques. 

*bookings secured once full payment is received or instalment plan agreed and first payment made. 


Birth Works 121 Antenatal Classes


Imagine stepping into parenthood with all the practical and emotional skills to help you through pregnancy, birth and the early days with your new baby. Birth Works antenatal classes aim to share those skills, empowering you to make informed decisions about your birth and offering a toolkit for surviving the first weeks of parenthood. 


As a midwife I have the privilege of working alongside families through their pregnancy, birth and the first few weeks of their baby arriving. I have attended home, hospital and caesarean births both straight forward and complicated. So I will really bring it to life for you, drawing on current evidence and practise. 


Equipping yourself with knowledge will give you the confidence to make decisions and help you have a positive birth experience. Your confidence will pave the way to navigating the many parenting choices ahead. 


A typical 3 hour Birth Works antenatal class allows you discover the emotional and practical aspects of:

  • Preparing for birth - what you really need, your support network, the signs of labour 

  • Coping strategies - the benefits, side affects and potential complications associated with natural and medical strategies. 

  • Physiological birth - what to expect and the choices you have including water birth, birth of the placenta and optimal cord clamping. 

  • Planning for the unexpected: complications in labour - what can occur and what to expect if it does. How you can cope with the complications and remain in control of the situation.

  • Caring for your baby including feeding options, safe sleeping, nappy changing and bathing baby

  • Caring for yourselves and recovery from birth

  • Making your choices heard - techniques to communicate effectively with the medical team.

Example of topics we can cover in more depth during your Birth Works 6 hour antenatal class:

  • Breastfeeding - what to expect, understanding the signs of a well baby, expressing and storing milk, what is 'normal', possible complications, coping emotionally, how partners can support the breastfeeding journey, eating for feeding.  

  • Coping strategies - learning practical techniques including massage, breathing and relaxation.

  • Psychological wellbeing - addressing anxieties and fears related to birth and parenting. 

  • Complications - if you have specific complications of pregnancy we can discuss how these may impact your birth, the evidence behind them, the choices you can make and how to communicate these with your obstetrician. 

  • Induction of labour - the reasons, procedure, benefits, complications and planning your birth to cope with induction process. 


No two Birth Works antenatal classes are the same…content is always guided by the knowledge, experience and desired learning outcomes of the family. All Birth Works antenatal classes include pre-session planning to devise a unique class for you and support after your session by email/skype to help you write your birth preferences. 

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