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Further Information

I charge a flat fee of £150 for birth debrief sessions - this includes a 2-3 hour home visit and any follow-up work. Prior to the session you are required to obtain a copy of your antenatal, labour and postnatal notes. These can be requested from the NHS Trust with whom you gave birth, under the data protection act for a fee of no more than £50. I will guide you through this process. 

It is a legal requirement that all maternity notes are held on file for 25 years. Therefore your birth debrief can take place at any time in this period. 

Where I Work

I usually travel a 30 mile radius or up to 1 hour from my home in Yaxley, Cambridgeshire. This takes me across many counties including Rutland, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, and Lincolnshire.

For all one-off sessions including antenatal, postnatal and birth debrief, I add 20p per mile for any trips greater than 15 miles from my home. The mileage charge is only to cover costs and will only be charged for the additional mileage above 30 miles for the round trip. 

During local and national lockdowns I may need to offer this service virtually. We will discuss you personal circumstances and make an individualised plan of care. 

Birth Debrief


We know that birth is a transformative event. However, sometimes it can leave you with unanswered questions which can have an impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing. It is estimated that 30% of birthing people have symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) following their birth. 

Trauma following the birth of you baby can present itself in many ways, including an impact on your mental health, bonding with your baby and an affect on your physical wellbeing. You may not yet have identified your birth experience as being directly related to your wellbeing. Perhaps you are seeking support from your GP or counselling service. However, if you recognise any of these feelings as being related to your difficult birth experience, you may already be asking, "How do I get help for birth trauma?" among many other questions. 


There are many ways to seek support to help you begin the process of coping with a difficult birth experience. Often the first thing to consider is a full birth debrief session. This involves you sitting down with an experienced midwife who will help you piece together the events you remember with the information that is written in your notes. You can do this any time after your birth, before your next pregnancy and infant unto 25 years after your birth. 


You may be able to access a birth debrief for free through the NHS Trust where you gave birth. Some women prefer to seek an independent opinion, or find that they are not given impartial information when they attend their NHS birth debrief. 

My birth debrief service is independent and impartial. I have extensive midwifery experience in the NHS setting and I spend 2-3 hours with you. After reading your notes I then ask you (and your partner if they wish to be with you) to describe your birth experience. This process of listening to your birth experience allows me to give you information that will help you understand what decisions were made, when and why. We then spend time discussing the evidence and the likelihood that these events could occur in a future birth. 

I offer the 3 Step Rewind technique, a deep sedative relaxation that allows you to alleviate some of the negative feelings associated with your birth experience. This technique stems from Neuro Linguistic Programming and has been devised and adapted for birth trauma by Birthing Awareness Training. 

As part of the birth debrief service, I provide you with a written summary of everything we discussed, referrals to organisations for support if appropriate and a list of further reading that will help you in your healing journey. I am also available by email to answer any questions that may occur following your birth debrief session. 

If you feel you are struggling with birth trauma and would like some more information, please visit the Birth Trauma Association