The most satisfying thing for me as a midwife is to quietly walk out of a room leaving a new mother and her partner feeling empowered; to hear the words "we did it ourselves" and know that I have supported and nurtured this new family. That's enough. 

"Thank You" goes a long way, and in my own journey I have so many people I want to thank for their support. 

Thank You


...for the wonderful web and leaflet images

Ellie Longbone

Liz Blamire

Meghann Horner-Smith of Meg the Doula

Caroline Zwierzchowska-Dodd of Doula Mama Baba

Paul Courtney Photography

...for the endless support and encouragement

Michael, Evander and Anwyn

Nicky Grace of Birthing With Grace

Liz and Rosy

...for the fabulous logo and branding

Amanda Rigby of Paper Rhino

...for being the backbone support network

Emma, Donna, Mandy and Dad


"The enthusiasm that you show while talking about these topics - makes it seems really wonderful/interesting and a time to treasure! Your session was fantastic! Loved how you tailored it according our needs and answered our particular queries." Asfia & Samuel

"Without Lisa-Marie's support I would not have continued my breastfeeding journey beyond the first two days. Instead I achieved 15 months!" Andi

"Lisa-Marie acts as a wonderful advocate for women, always offering them true choice and will respectfully contact members of the multi disciplinary team in order to work together to facilitate the care and birth that women in her care want." Anne Richley (Senior Midwife)

"My labour was so quick and so powerful that there wasn't time to call anyone.  When my husband told our midwife that baby had arrived, she immediately rang Lisa-Marie and asked her to come over.  I'm sure she was in the middle of dinner or bedtime or another famiy activity.  But she was by my side within minutes.  I'll never forgot her carefully and quietly slipping into the room.  Observing, taking it in, running through her mental checklist without letting on.  She provided a safety net, but didn't interfere in what was an extremely 'normal' birth." Meghann