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I charge £5,500 for your Midwife-Mother Partnership of private midwifery care which includes antenatal, birth and postnatal care. Your initial consultation is free. A payment of £1,500 is required at booking to cover insurance costs and payment of the remaining balance in instalments is arranged between us, normally payable by 36 weeks of pregnancy. If you choose to spread your payments over 12 months, the cost after the initial deposit is £334 per month. Unfortunately I cannot offer reduced fees if you book private midwifery care with me later in your pregnancy, because I still need to do the same level of work, just over a more condensed period of time. 

Please contact me to discuss fees if you would like just an antenatal or postnatal care package. These start at £1,000. 

One-off antenatal and postnatal visits cost £125. Similar to your community midwife appointment except I visit you at home and spend at least one hour checking your’s and your baby’s well-being, discussing evidence and your choices. This could be to create a birth plan, discuss your options if you have been offered induction of labour or for reassurance or anything you would like to consider further.

It is possible to accept payment through an insurance provider so please do contact me if you have insurance that covers private midwifery care, private antenatal care or private postnatal care. 

Where I Work

I usually travel up to 1 hour from my home in Yaxley, Cambridgeshire (or roughly 60 miles). This takes me across many counties including Rutland, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Hertfordshire. I can travel more than a one hour journey to provide your care but this will incur an increased fee depending upon the circumstances. 

For all one-off appointments a mileage charge of 20p per additional mile greater than 20 miles from my home is charged to cover costs. 

Please do not let cost or distance be a barrier as I am always happy to discuss your personal circumstances.

Private Midwifery Care: the Midwife-Mother Partnership


Birth is transformative for you as a mother and for your family. As your private midwife I walk that journey alongside you, offering guidance and support every step of the way, for as much or as little as you need me. I care for you in the comfort of your own home from the moment our partnership begins, usually between 8 and 20 weeks of pregnancy, until 6 weeks after your baby is born.

The benefits of having a private midwife include:

  • Continuity of Carer - you will have the same midwife throughout your pregnancy, birth and early parenthood journey. Evidence tells us that this is likely to significantly improve the physical and emotional wellbeing of you and your baby. 

  • Flexibility - appointments are at a time that suit you and your family. This could be in the evening, during the day or at weekends. 

  • Availability - I am available for you 7 days a week to answer your questions and concerns and am on-call 24 hours a day from 37 weeks to attend your birth then for 2 weeks after your baby is born. 


We have regular antenatal appointments to check the wellbeing of you and your baby, discussing evidence and planning every step of your care. Your family can be as involved as you want them to be and children are always welcome. I organise any screening and blood tests you may want to have, and can accompany you to hospital appointments. 


From 37 weeks I visit you weekly and am available 24 hours a day for your birth. I will be your lead midwife if you choose a home birth or will accompany you to hospital as your birth advocate if that is your plan.


After your baby is born I visit you at home frequently for the first two weeks for wellbeing checks and feeding support. I remain on-call 24 hours a day for the first two weeks to provide you with additional support if you need it. Over the next four weeks visits reduce as you gain confidence and stride through parenthood with your family.  


I am available by phone, text and email 7 days a week for the duration of our partnership; there if you need any information or support.

I arrange your chosen screening tests and have the same rights as an NHS midwife to refer you and your baby to other NHS services as appropriate. 

A private midwife can be hired instead of using the NHS, or as well as. Many women choose to access screening tests and obstetric care through the NHS, and have a private midwife to provide all their midwifery care. However, you can have private screening tests and obstetric care in addition to choosing a private midwife. 

private midwife birth and breastfeeding
Full Private Midwifery Care Package
This is what to expect from a typical package of private midwifery care with Nicostra Midwifery. However, your appointments are tailored to your needs and may include additional visits if you have complications or need extra emotional support. I will accompany you to any obstetric appointments in addition to act as your advocate. If you book later in your pregnancy, a similar number of hours are spent together as we get to know each other. 
  • Initial Consultation - a chance to find out if private midwifery care is right for you and see if I would be the best independent midwife for your needs. 1 hour. 

  • Booking appointment at any stage of pregnancy - to find out about your medical and social history, discuss your previous pregnancies and birth experiences, plan your care, discuss screening/vaccinations and organise the screening tests you choose, make referrals to relevant health professionals, share pregnancy, health and lifestyle information. You have your own maternity notes and plenty of additional information, including access to resources such as books, DVDs, nappies, slings. 2-3 hours

  • 16 Weeks - check in to find out how well you are physically and emotionally, discuss lifestyle information, check your referrals have been actioned, discuss any screening results. 1 hour. 

  • 21 Weeks - check in to find out how well you are physically and emotionally, discuss your baby's movements (if any), listen to your baby's heartbeat, begin to discuss birth and address any anxieties you may be holding. This is usually a good time for a birth debrief session to release any emotions relating to a previous birth. 1-2 hours. 

  • 26 Weeks - as 21 weeks and begin to measure the growth of your bump, discuss feeding options and previous feeding experiences. 1 hour. 

  • 28 Weeks - as 26 weeks and take any screening tests you have chosen to have. Continue the discussion around your thoughts and feelings about birth and parenthood. 1.5 hours.

  • 30 Weeks - as 26 weeks plus a tailored 121 Birth Works antenatal class and creation of your birth plan. up to 6 hours. 

  • 32 Weeks - as 26 weeks plus a breastfeeding workshop as an extension of the 121 Birth Works antenatal class. up to 3 hours. 

  • 34 Weeks - as 26 weeks and review your birth plan. Meet your second midwife who will support you at your birth. 1.5 hours. 

  • 36-42 Weeks - we start seeing each other weekly as we closely monitor your physical and emotional wellbeing and that of your baby too. You should be able to easily hear your baby's heartbeat with the fetoscope at this point too. We freely discuss the issues that are important to you in the lead up to birth and the arrival of your newborn. Each visit lasts about 1 hour. 

  • 42 weeks and beyond - an individual plan of care will be made according to your wishes as you may choose to have additional monitoring of your baby's wellbeing. Each visit lasts about 1 hour. 

  • BIRTH - I am on-call for your birth 24/7 from 37 weeks whether you have chosen to birth at home or in hospital. You simply call me when you are in early labour and I attend your home and usually stay with you until 3/4 hours after your baby is born. This is Day 0 of your baby's life. If you birth at home I provide complete midwifery care, carry gas and air, can do stitches if you need them, support you with breastfeeding and of course I am highly trained in emergency situations too. 

  • Day 1 & 2 - home visit (or at hospital if you are there) to check the emotional and physical wellbeing of you and your baby, support you with feeding, share tips and advice to help you recover as quickly as possible. I organise any screening tests you have chosen for your baby and referrals to relevant healthcare practitioners such as the Health Visitor and Physiotherapist. I remain on-call for you for the first 2 weeks after your baby is born as this can be the most challenging time both emotionally and physically as you establish your new or additional role in motherhood. Each visit lasts about 2 hours. 

  • Day 3 - as day 1 and a full breastfeeding assessment, including weighing your baby if you choose. 2 hours.

  • Day 5 - as day 3 and I take the newborn blood spot screening if you have chosen to have this. 1-2 hours. 

  • Day 7-14 - one or two visits as you and your family need. At least one of these visits you will have the option of weighing your baby. Each visit lasts 1 hour. 

  • 2-6 weeks postnatally - your visits usually become weekly at this point, but this is very individual based on your needs. One visit will include a birth debrief, giving you the opportunity to discuss what happened and why and piece together your memories. At our final visit you will be given a copy of all your Nicostra Midwifery maternity notes. Each visit lasts 1-2 hours.