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The Birthing Hub


Welcome to The Birthing Hub: a space for you to meet other families who are planning pregnancy, expecting or have just welcomed a baby into their lives. You can expect preconception, pregnancy and postnatal support and information from a private midwife whilst you are at The Birthing Hub. 

Each session you have the opportunity to:
- Relax with a cup of tea and piece of cake while you chat to other families
- Take part in mini Birth Works classes - 30 minute pregnancy/birth/parenthood information sessions 
- Receive personalised feeding support for you and your newborn
- Find out lots of information about local pregnancy, birth and postnatal support and events

- Read books and practice using slings, birth balls and reusable nappies in our resource library
- Have access to a midwife for information and support

- Opportunity for 121 confidential advice and information with a midwife - these 121 sessions are limited to the amount of time we have available at The Birthing Hub and the needs of those attending. There is no additional charge for this service. 

We meet at different locations in the Peterborough and Stamford area. There is a suggested donation of £3.50 per family. Drop in, or stay for the whole session.


Where is The Birthing Hub?

We are currently holding The Birthing Hub in Yaxley and Stamford. You can find out more about the details of each session and the location on our Facebook events page and website: https://thebirthinghub.wordpress.com 

Can I bring older children?

Yes. The focus is on expectant parents and those with newborn babies up to 6 weeks old but there will be a few toys to keep older children occupied. You are responsible for your child(ren) at all times.


Is there a fee?

The group is completely free although we welcome a donation to cover the cost of resources.


Who is this group for?

We welcome all families who are planning pregnancy, are pregnant or have a newborn baby up to 6 weeks old. It is a great opportunity for mothers and fathers to connect, share experiences and build a social support network. A midwife will always be available to offer information and support. Whether you come alone, with friends or with your partner, you will be welcomed to The Birthing Hub no matter what to meet other expectant and new parents.


Is there parking?

Each venue is slightly different. Please visit our webpage or social media for more information. 

With thanks to Sarah from Nostalgia Birth Photography for providing images of The Birthing Hub and to the following people for support with facilitation of the group:
Anna from Babies Connect

Charly from C.A.N. Do Family Fitness

Julie from Baby Nomad

Laura from St Peter's Church

And of course Deb Hughes who is the second midwife supporting the Stamford Birthing Hub. 


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Find out more about The Birthing Hub


We have a website and are active on social media, including a Facebook discussion group which allows you to connect with other parents and skilled professionals in the local area who can support you through your journey into parenthood. 


Facebook: @thebirthinghub

Instagram: @thebirthinghub